Inhalte des Faches ATAN/HUE

In this course students will acquire skills and abilities to successfully communicate in a professional setting. In this course we will work on the topics 'electrical engineering', 'describing technical products', 'communicating technology' and 'analysing business trends' as well as on units concerned with 'meeting people', 'presenting results', 'discussing different perspectives' and 'applying for job and positions'. The classes focus on interaction and allow students to further their knowledge in all areas of communication expanding the students' expertise in listening, reading, writing and talking as well as mediation (mediating between different languages).The frequent classroom projects will be based on modern communication technologies and authentic material. In the second semester participants have the opportunity to take the 'KMK- Fremdsprachenzertifikat'-exam, a certificate showcasing their ability to speak English in a technical setting according to the EU-framework (Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Fremdsprachen).